Hardfaced Products

Extending the wear life of high-friction agricultural tillage tools and disc blades means increased reliability, lower repair costs, and substantial labor savings in replacing worn tillage tools and disc blades, which translates into greater profits for the farmer over time.

HARDFACING is a proven technology available in extended wear life coatings, and WASCO offers HARDFACING as an option on many of its tillage tools for extended product life. Our unique HARDFACING process results in tillage tools which approach the hardness of tungsten carbide and the corrosion resistance of stainless steel at a fraction of the cost.

HARDFACING can be easily applied electrically or with gases. The best process for longer wear is oxygen/acetylene process of flowing the HARDFACING material onto the wearing edge of a tool. The torch reaches 2500 degrees Fahrenheit as the material is bonding to the tools.

WASCO uses a specially blended rod which is applied to the wearing edge. This rod is custom made for all WASCO HARDFACING applications. This application offers significant advantages over other extended wear product. Our application lays a thicker deposit of HARDFACING material along the wearing edges which in turn has a longer wearing ability.

The HARDFACED product will wear at least three times longer than the plain product and has been proven in field tests under similar conditions. This extra wear will reduce the downtime for the farmer due to changing tools, again decreasing labor costs. The HARDFACED product is also self sharpening with the coating applied on the edge of the tool subjected to the greatest wear.

HARDFACING has the extra advantage of looking good in the dealer’s display. When the aesthetic value of HARDFACING is combined with the features of a complete tillage line, the advantage of WASCO’s HARDFACED tillage tools becomes obvious to our customers.

Hardfacing Process
Hardfaced Product